OSR bootcamps is dedicated to getting our members fit and healthy by providing quality outdoor training camps.

We pride ourselves on producing outstanding results for our clients.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how old you are. Everybody is welcome at OSR bootcamps. With fully qualified personal trainers hosting the camps we cater to every individuals needs

It's time to train

Train with skilled personal trainers who are devoted to helping you get into the best shape of your life. With their high intensity fat burning sessions and exclusive 12 week program you will be sure to achieve any goal.

burn fat

Each session is designed to burn the maximum amount of fat through calorie busting HIIT workouts.


Sculpt your physique by improving strength and building lean muscle through bodyweight and resistance based training.


Improve endurance by running, jumping and skipping your way to a better body.

hiit bootcamp session

At OSR Bootcamps, we dig deep into helping you build the fittest possible body. The sessions aim to not only shape you up, but to instruct and inform you in the correct methods to complete functional exercises and workouts. We aim to deliver fun and efficient training sessions.

Private bootcamp

Want to train exclusively with your friends? We will come to you! We provide bespoke private bootcamps for groups of friends throughout London. Fill in your details and we will be more than happy to discuss time and location.

12 week programme

When you sign up to our Bootcamps you automatically get access to the 12 week training programme. This plan provides you with the correct nutrition, home workout videos and training methods which are designed to build your ideal physique.

personal training

At OSR, we understand that personal training is an effective way to achieve fitness goals. We design bespoke training programmes and cater to every individuals needs.

On your first 1-1 meeting we will conduct an initial physical analysis and set goals to create a regime specifically designed for you, taking into account current fitness levels, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.