When you sign up with us we will enrol you onto our exclusive 12 week plan. You will receive a workout video every week to do at home. You will also gain access to our exclusive food recipes and nutrition plan.
Our workouts are designed to get the best results in the shortest time possible. These workouts will rev up your metabolism and make you feel energised for the rest of your day.
Our sessions combine resistance based exercises with bodyweight training and cardio. The perfect combination to sculpt your physique by improving strength and building lean muscle.


Sam Dunnett
Sam has worked in the fitness industry throughout his entire working life. Working his way up from gym instructor to personal trainer and fitness manager he has the motivation and skill set to help any individual achieve their goals
Let us help you achieve your goal with a solid workout plan.
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Want to train with a group of friends? We will come to you.




✅ Sessions are lead by 2 personal trainers
✅ Small group sessions
✅ 12 week programme
✅ Nutrition consultation and food plan
✅ Home workout videos sent to your phone
✅ Weekly fitness tips and recipes

Oscar Segovia
Oscar has been working in the industry since 2010. He started working abroad and then built his 1-1 PT business in Canary Wharf and is now based in the City. Through his in-depth knowledge and experience, Oscar has helped 100s of clients achieve their goals.



Sam and Oscar are genuinely interested in you as a person and your fitness goals. I’m motivated by their passion to make me something better, their drive and determination to make me go harder, go faster and to achieve. This isn’t just a Bootcamp, this is a family of like-minded individuals. Sam and Oscar will support you through nutrition and injury and are my go to guys for all my crazy questions. They call it straight, no fluffiness and no place to hide – come and join the OSR Bootcamp life.”


"Oscar and Sam - thank you for your endless patience and good humour over the past three months. You've transformed my fitness AND you have transformed me as I am over 20 lbs lighter. Looking forward to my next block of sessions. Joanna".


"I am an over fifties active male but still struggling with thinning out and reducing that dreaded belly fat. I saw an advert on Facebook for the OSR bootcamp and thought why not give it a go. It was a success.

The (HIIT) bootcamps promotes a different type of training, especially as it is outside. The groups are fairly small, and you get video home workouts to support the fitness program. Oscar and Sam are on hand to coach, motivate, and correct your positions so that you get the best out of each exercise and session. The 12 week program is an additional aspect to the training packages. After taking pictures and weighing myself I was ready for the program. I stuck with it and now I weigh 91kg on a a bad day, instead of that horrible 110kg. I lost 20kg! I feel fitter, thinner and can recommend this program if you just stick with it the "Magic Happens"

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